Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break Required

Photo Found on A Night in NYC
Photo Copyright Pazmin de Perez, Deviant Art
Dear Friend,

I'm so glad you stopped by, and I'm sorry you haven't heard anything new from me lately. Each Saturday, when I've had nothing written for you, I've told myself, "You'll have the time to write a good post next week."

Now that we're coming upon the fourth week since I last posted, I decided I better check in with you today. So here I am to let you know that our spring has been busier than ever (really? no kidding?), and it appears that it will stay busy for the next couple of months.

Most of you know that my hubby is a horticulturalist/garden designer, and even if you didn't know that, I'm sure you can imagine when his busiest time of the year is...

...if you said SPRING, you would get an A+ on that quiz.

Well, Spring has sprung on the Andrews household, and we are putting all of our energies toward the beautiful blossoms springing out on all our branches. We have every reason to believe that all of our flower buds will turn into ripe, delicious fruit as spring gives way to summer. In the meantime, we must conserve our energies, and so I am writing to give you one last update on our family before taking a required spring break.

Growing Plants from Seeds
Photo Credit: Pine Meadow Farm
Eric has been knee-deep in garden designs and seeds. He is hard at work on his third project of the year, and our kitchen counter is just now clean for the first time in about four weeks. Prior to that, it was covered in dirt-filled pots, empty and full flats, bags of grit, and a plastic container filled with glorious seed packets! Oh what fun it is to be starting a nursery again. (One of these days we'll tell you the story of our first nursery attempt.)

Jumbo Jet in Minecraft
This is not the one Orion made. In fact, his was even cooler!
Photo Credit: Planet Minecraft 
Orion has been busy learning the lure of Minecraft. As Anya and JoPa will confirm, pretty much every word out of his mouth for the past few weeks has been about blocks, mob, skeletors, and redstone. Just when I'm ready to put a muzzle on him, he shows me an amazing jumbo jet he made out of those square blocks, or an automated farm he learned how to make with that redstone, or the giant mushroom house he made using bonemeal from a skeletor. I have to agree with Lisa Guernsey that although the level of obsession with the game (his and mine, I admit) is a bit disturbing, "the open-ended video game that lets players build virtual houses and communities with a few simple keystrokes" is not only educational, but is simply genius {cited}. And Orion has found another medium to exercise his natural affinity for engineering and 3-D design.

Zara at Fort Warden, Port Townsend, WA
by Angela Magnotti Andrews, 2013
Zara continues to provide endless comedic relief to our busy lives. One of these days (when she's actually wearing a shirt and pants) I will capture on video the myriad ways she uses her body to entertain us. There are truly no words, but I swear she's been watching Meg Ryan and Lucille Ball when I haven't been looking. When she's not being silly, she's singing original songs, usually about how much she loves me and how great I am. Her encouragement is a consistent bright spot in our home, and it's amazing to witness her delight and zest for life on a daily basis. As part of our homeschooling practice, she is progressing fairly rapidly through the old standby, Hooked on Phonics. She had a bit of a head start on the letters, as I had been using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, which has my all-time favorite letter-recognition lessons.

Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring by Verragio
Photo courtesy of EraGem
And I have been writing, writing, writing, writing...just not here on A Life in Season. At the beginning of March, I started a new writing gig with EraGem Jewelry. I write daily posts on their news site, EraGem Post, covering the following topics:

In addition, I am writing ten guest posts for CLiCKPLAYceu related to the Compassion Fatigue script I co-wrote with owner, Donn Kropp. CLiCKPLAYceu offers online healthcare and human services continuing education video training. Healthcare and human services workers can earn CEU credits from home by watching the videos and taking multiple-choice exams. Below I provide a sample of just a few of the post titles I will be writing:

So now, consider yourself caught up until I return in June. At that time, be prepared for some changes around A Life in Season. I have big plans to expand in order to include research-based articles regarding home education philosophies, book reviews, trends in education, and more.

Meanwhile, if you miss me too much, just click one of the above links and there you'll find me, merrily writing away about jewelry history and compassion fatigue.

Until June, I wish you peace and joy!


  1. A delightful read! You are so gifted and blessed with such an amazing family. No wonder it's so challenging to keep up with all those fronts! Look forward to reading more of your EraGem articles as well.